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Build #2: The Compact Voyager

Build #2, our sophomore venture into the exciting world of skoolie craftsmanship. Based on a 2000 Chevy Express 3500 with a 5.0L engine, this 4-window bus strikes the perfect balance between cozy and functional. While staying true to our standard floor plan, it also introduces its unique flavor. Comfortably housing a full bed, rather than a queen, optimizing the layout for space efficiency. The refrigerator found a new home in this design, proving our ability to adapt to different spatial requirements. While a couch may be absent, this build doesn't lack in comfort or utility, featuring both a diesel heater for those chilly nights and a roof fan/vent combo to maintain a comfortable interior climate.

With its individual tweaks, this build further underlines our commitment to maintaining high-quality builds to meet diverse lifestyle needs.

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